VCIO Services

Wishing you had a CIO to handle all in-house IT needs and projects? Problem is adding such a talent to your payroll isn’t likely feasible for two reasons. You may not have the money to put such a skilled talent on payroll, or your business needs don’t necessitate a full-time hire. In this case, working with a dedicated vCIO from ICT Partner is the next best option.

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Why Hire a Virtual CIO (vCIO)?

While many large firms rely on CPAs and Attorneys to act as their advisors, SMEs often have no one to guide them with critical decisions or various aspects of IT. So they fail to take advantage of technology to dominate the market or beat their competitors. This explains why many SMEs play catch up with rivals for many years.

Just because you don’t have the privilege of working with board level execs who have a background in commerce, leadership, and IT doesn’t mean your digital transformation will stall. You can have the IT department you have always desired when you enlist a vCIO as part of Managed IT and move forward with your transformation or re-invention.

A vCIO from ICT Partners in Surrey can step in and guide you every step of the way. From finding solutions to challenges to handling vendor management and IT strategy to driving positive change, a vCIO helps you navigate the IT landscape and wade through many complexities.

If you have 10-30 employees, an increasing turnover, or looking to scale up your business hiring a vCIO is the way to go. Working with a dedicated vCIO lets you operate as if you have full-time employee at a fraction of the cost. Here is the best part. Your vCIO doesn’t have the legalities associated with full-time in-house employees.

9 Benefits of Working with a vCIO

A vCIO is going to be at the “heart of IT” in your business. Whether you’re a fledgling SME or an ambitious start-up, our vCIO services in Surrey can help transform your IT. Here’s how you will benefit by bringing such a talent on board.

IT roadmap

Your vCIO will ensure your business is aware of the latest advancements in IT, and adopts the necessary solutions in line with your needs.

Decision making

Owing to their commercial and technical experience, they can offer strategic guidance and help you make smart ICT decisions.

Budget & cost control

Gives you a full picture of your IT spending and ensure any future investment yields good and measurable returns.

IT consultancy

Your business will get sound and impartial technical advice at all levels from routine business operations up to boardroom.

Project management

The virtual CIO will take charge of project implementation and risk mitigation, ensuring a positive outcome with your IT projects.

Security threats

Your vCIO will install firewalls, anti-virus software, and implement a reliable data backup and recovery plan while ensuring compliance.

Data management

“Data is gold” so managing it requires discretion and integrity. A vCIO will ensure your business has sound data management and protecting policies.

IT assessments

Your vCIO will carry out assessments and network optimization to ensure you’re getting value for your investments.

Vendor management

Researching and sourcing vendors, evaluating capabilities, negotiating contracts, managing relationships and much more.

Need a vCIO in Surrey?

Your search ends here and now! With the help of a VCIO from ICT Partners, you can solve problems quickly, leverage the best-in-grade IT, and discover opportunities for business growth and much more.