Office Moves

Move all your IT to your new premises quickly and start operations on a solid footing. No delays, no downtime, no errors.

Space constraints, a growing workforce, and rising leasing costs are all factors that could push you out of your current premises in Surrey. But that’s not where the real problem is for many. The #1 headache for SMEs is the logistical nightmare of moving IT. Yes, relocating IT is going to disrupt business operations and revenue in the short term.

Want to avoid costly delays and service disruption when moving to your new location? Partner with an MSP who will ensure you move and deploy your IT infrastructure and assets quickly and seamlessly into your new office. ICT Partners can lift your burden and reduce the stress of moving ensuring you don’t experience downtime.

Relocate Quickly and Efficiently…

We understand that you want to move to your new office quickly so you can get back to business fast. But you can’t do that when your hands are full. Focus on your business and let ICT Partners handle your relocation. Our professionals will move your assets and equipment to wherever it needs to be quickly and securely, minimizing downtime and disruption.

Whether you want to move data cabling, internet and telephony devices, networking equipment, or PCs and portable devices, we can help. Our relocation services include dismantling and reinstalling equipment as well as reconfiguration.

Our capabilities

  • Office move plan
  • Physical move support
  • Full IT review
  • IT update/upgrades
  • Internet connectivity/installations
  • Resolving teething issues after moving
  • Service reconnection support

So….Why Move with ICT Partners?

Just three good reasons why you should plan you next move in Surrey with us.

Protect your hardware

Data storage devices are prone to damage when moving office. SSDs can fall and break apart, magnetic tapes and servers can get jostled or subjected to unusually high temperatures on transit, causing them to fail. When moving, we will pack servers and IT equipment separately from regular image level backups to prevent damage.

Safeguard your data

An office move is a prime opportunity for data to be corrupted or get lost. Whether it is careless movers dropping hard drives or hardware getting lost in transit, you have to prepare for any eventuality. We can help you backup your hard drives and test your data recovery plans to ensure they’re up to date.

Prevent productivity loss

When moving, your second priority after safety is to have everything up and running before employees get to work in their new workstation. Employees don’t want to wait for a day or two before they resume work. We’ll carry out swift and thorough moves ensuring there’s no downtime, or technology-related incidents afterward.

Stress Free Moves in Seven Simple Steps

Take the guess work out of your office moves by working with an MSP with a well-defined process. Our relocation goes like this:

1) Tell us your requirements

First we will find out what equipment needs to move, your current arrangement for the new office, and whether you will require new cabling or equipment.

2) We plan the move

Next, we will map out the entire process of moving in detail, take inventory of assets and systems to ensure no piece of equipment is left behind.

3) Design your IT office

We will create a new architecture that will suit your new location. This covers network design, cabling, and sourcing of new office IT hardware.

4) Procure IT hardware

As well as transferring existing communications equipment, we can help you procure new hardware and handle third party installations in liaison with telecom engineers.

5) Backup your data

Just before the planned move we will perform a backup and shutdown to ensure none of your critical data or business information gets lost. We will restart and test your servers when get to your new office.

6) Actual physical move

Once the relocation plans and designs are fully in place, we will proceed with the physical move. In short, we will move all IT hardware and systems to your new office, while ensuring nothing gets lost or damaged

7) Set up and test your equipment

When we get to the new environment, we will setup and test every element to ensure it’s working properly in readiness for the first day of business.

Let’s Get Moving!

Arrange a hassle-free move with ICT Partners. We offer complete comprehensive solutions for relocating small and medium business IT infrastructure in Egham, Surrey.