Microsoft 365 for Transport and Logistics in Surrey

Expand your warehousing and logistics management capabilities and transform your fleet operations

Your success as a transportation and logistics firm operator depends on whether you can meet delivery promises and customer demands, attain your financial goals and protect your profit margins. If you are struggling to meet on-demand customer information needs or wasting time invoicing or losing business due to missed shipments, you need to streamline your supply chain processes. Consider Microsoft 365, a cloud technology that lets you run your transport business like a global company – without the associated costs and investments.

Empower Your Transport and Logistics Team

Create a dynamic work environment with unified communications and give your transport and logistics teams the tools they need to perform their job anywhere so they can deliver the best outcomes.

Logistics Manager

Simplify supply chain management in your transportation or logistics firm by automating key functions such as monitoring warehousing and distribution of goods. Manage warehouse operations efficiently and optimize the customer order cycle.

Service Manager

Keep track of your fleet’s maintenance and access a register of your vehicle’s service history and automatically filled-in service books. Track all apart parts, labour hours and costs automatically whether the vehicle is serviced in-house or at a repair shop.

Freight Forwarding Manager

Organise the loading and transportation of goods and stay connected with your staff. Get regular updates of the journey’s progress wherever they go. With Dynamics 365, you can easily plan the optimum route for each cargo.

What is Microsoft 365 for Transport and Logistics?

Microsoft 365 is a software suite with robust features and tools that can streamline logistics and transportation planning, execution, routing, settlement, freight reconciliation, and financials across the company. It comes with productivity and collaboration applications like Office, Skype and Dynamics 365 that your team uses regularly.

Our solution is suitable for anyone in road transportation, sea freight, air freight, intermodal transport, and warehousing business.  Logistics service providers, fleet operators, brokers/4PL and third-party logistics (3PL) can use Microsoft 365 to manage daily operations, boost productivity and ensure customers data stays safe.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Transport and Logistics

Office 365 lets you harness technology in ways that serve your vision and address the specific challenges you face. Whether you want world-class customer service, or achieve greater supply chain efficiency, our solution integrates features that can transform your transport business.

Build Trust with Partners

Collaborate seamlessly and securely with suppliers, carriers, customers and trading partners along the supply chain.

Optimize Fulfillment Strategies

Create smart and efficient fulfilment plans to meet customer, partner or distributor expectations.

Reduce Freight Costs

Discover the most effective shipping or transportation method and connect directly with the carrier.

Drive Profitable Fleet Operations

Manage cargo movement and freight handling including route optimization for successful final delivery

Get Real-time Connectivity

Connect and communicate with your team across your logistics network in real-time with a superior voice solution.

Improve Asset Management

Keep track of your drivers, loaders, trucks, power units, trailers and vans whether in the yard or road.

Want to switch to Microsoft 365?

ICT Partners can help you deploy and integrate Microsoft 365 with your fleet management, job costing, transportation and logistics systems and processes. in Surrey. We can help you select a plan that suits your needs.