Microsoft 365 for Recruiment

Streamline sourcing and hiring with Microsoft 365 and drive collaboration among HR professionals to find the best talent.

Modern recruiting comes with various challenges. Not only are there more applicants for each position, there are also numerous positions vying for an HR professional’s time. Recruiters often struggle to source, interview and onboard talent because of the huge numbers of applicants they receive.

But that’s not the only issue. A fast-changing marketplace, regulatory requirements, huge data volumes, and growing security concerns are forcing hiring managers to rethink how they manage recruitment.  HR teams need robust tools that can improve recruiting and save time.

Find and Hire the Best Talent with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides a communication and collaboration platform for the busy HR who has to compile CVs, review applications and discuss hiring needs with colleagues. Through Teams and Channels, hiring managers can work together to vet applicants and fill vacant positions.

Team members can engage in one-on-one conversations via chat or voice, hold meetings and even share resumes in word documents, job specifications while adding notes or comments.

Create hiring checklist

Receive CVs from applicants

Arrange interviews

Send offer letters

Store applicant information

Onboard new employees

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Recruiters and HR Teams

Microsoft 365 equips recruiters and hiring managers with resources that allows for lean hiring, backed by compliance and efficiency. Your HR team can stay connected and hire the right people faster.

Reduce paperwork

Create, share and organise electronic documents and templates instead of fussing with endless paperwork. Automate tasks that were previously carried out by staff and help your team operate efficiently.

Enhance performance management

Empower HR managers to build high-performing teams with tools that can track progress and achievements and identify issues and take immediate action to avoid negative outcomes.

Simplify recruitment

Dynamics 365 for HR Management makes it easy to manage every stage of the recruitment journey. From posting job vacancies to talent hunts, interviews to hiring, the whole process is now seamless.

Create transparency

Enable applicants to see where they are in the hiring process and what they need to complete before they get an offer. From application to screening, interview to offer stage provide timely feedback to candidates.

Manage risks

Minimize compliance risks by driving the right action by the right person. Uphold user privacy, protect data and prevent confidentiality violations by using access control to protect sensitive data.

Increase staff retention

Give staff members the chance to promote their careers with universal profiles that showcase their abilities. Help hardworking employee align their competencies with career aspirations and opportunities.

Drive collaboration

Enable HR professionals to conduct collaborative recruitments by bringing together the different sections of an HR and rallying members around a common goal of hiring the best talent.

Make smart decisions

Take guesswork or trial-error out of your hiring process. Optimize workforce costs and improve your planning strategy and drive better informed and quicker decisions with embedded analytics.

Get Started with Microsoft 365

ICT Partners can help you achieve human resource excellence using Microsoft 365. We can deploy robust tools and features that support the entire lifecycle of employees from recruitment to onboarding to training.