Microsoft 365 for Finance

Leverage the power of the cloud to drive collaboration across teams and profitability for a flat, monthly fee per user.

Expectations around digital experience in the financial services industry is growing at a fast pace. Gaining customer insight, driving client engagement across channels and empowering employees to collaborate with peers and assist customers remains a top priority for financial service providers. Microsoft 365 for financial services can accelerate the process of digitising customer experience while enabling you to scale up and grow. The range of tools have a wide range of applications, whether it is advising customers on financial plans or addressing the needs of an existing customer portfolio.

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Tax advisory services

Wealth management

Finance brokerage

Investment banking

Robust Tools to Drive Business Growth

Microsoft 365 for Financial Services provides capabilities to manage financial services data at scale and deliver unique experiences while empowering employees.

Customer onboarding

Give customers access to self-service tools and streamline the loan process. Enhance customer experience and drive loyalty while increasing staff productivity.

Customer intelligence

Unify important and accurate customer data across multiple channels and empower staff or agents to engage with customers based on relevant insights from demographic information and behaviour.

Regulations and compliance

Satisfy regulatory requirements and compliance standards by creating and maintaining records in a tamperproof and non-erasable format. Provide users with final access approval, log actions for auditing purposes, and store documents in secure locations.

Collaboration managment

Drive collaboration in your workflows, unify front-office to back-office processes, improve business-to-customer communication to unlock value creation and accelerate lending.

Risk management

Act on potential risk within your financial organisation. Protect sensitive customer information, enable control privileged admin access based on tasks, and thwart credit card and mobile bank fraud.

Financial modelling and reporting

Enhance in-house modeling and reporting for market and credit risk by run data models faster with an elastic scale.  Derive meaningful insights from unified data and take actions that accelerate business growth.

What is Microsoft 365 for Financial Services?

Microsoft 365 is a robust suite of productivity and collaboration tools that enable financial services employees to work faster and deliver better customer experiences across the company. It comes with familiar Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Access that people use regularly.

The suite of tools is ideal for various financial service providers like financial advisors, wealth managers, tax advisors, financial brokerage firms, investment and commercial banking institutions, and accounting firms. Users can access the apps from a central dashboard and stay connected wherever they are.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Financial Services

Microsoft 365 provides them with tools to work remotely or on the go, communicate via Skype and share documents via OneDrive  =using trusted authorized devices like tablets or mobile phones,

Improve Security

Enhance and consolidate your security portfolio and help reduce cyber risks and incidents with world-class protection and access control.

Improve Mobility

Give your remote employees the tools and resources they need to work, collaborate and communicate from anywhere they are using authorised devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Drive Growth and Profitability

Use invaluable customer insights to identify new revenue streams and make data-driven decisions that can accelerate business growth and increase your annual profits.

Drive Staff Efficiency

Use powerful insights to streamline business processes and enable your staff to work faster and efficiently with custom apps and automation.

Deliver Better Experiences

Gain a 360-degree view of the client and personalise customer interactions based on individual interests to accelerate customer loyalty.

Predictable Spend

Know how much to budget for IT spend for the year ahead with a Microsoft 365 license. Pay on a per-user, per-month basis, and enjoy automatic upgrades with your license.

Want to switch to Microsoft 365?

Streamline your financial services operations and empower your staff to work faster and better while staying compliant and safe.