Managed Networks and Infrastructure for Small Businesses

Your IT infrastructure and computer networks are an integral part of your IT ecosystem. When they are  up and running, they can deliver data to end users, supports applications, connects staff together and ensures good communication with customers.

Getting the right mix of technology, hardware, and skill is tricky and expensive. Doing this in-house can add up your operational costs and divert your attention to your core business.

Outsourcing your IT and network management is the next best option. You will get access to the next-generation technology, slash costs, and simplify your IT. The outcome is better ROI, enhanced efficiency, and a robust network that drives business growth and success.

Outsource your IT Infrastructure and Networks

ICT Partners can help you manage the growing demand and complexity of network connections without shifting capital investment and resources away from your business. A blend of custom,  in-house monitoring, and expert IT staff ensure your managed networks run smoothly and issues resolved quickly, reducing downtime and service disruption. Our focus goes beyond managing your network infrastructure and supporting your services. We take an in depth look at what our customers in Surrey are trying to accomplish with their network, and partner with them to design, create, deploy, and manage their infrastructure while providing capacity to adapt to future needs.

Skilled network engineers and IT technicians are available to ensure your core IT infrastructure remains a powerful engine to drive business growth and deliver value to customers.

Our capabilities

Network infrastructure management

Network planning and design

Network monitoring

Network maintenance

Network support

Network audit

Network upgrades

Benefits of Managed Networks and Infrastructure

ICT Partners managed network and IT infrastructure lets you deliver vital business applications and free up your IT personnel to focus on tasks that help drive business growth.

  • 24/7 technical support – A savvy team of technicians and networks engineers work to deliver your services around the clock.
  • Smooth business operations – Greater connectivity and better hardware empowers staff to work faster and efficiently.
  • Grows with your business – Scalable solutions that adapt to dynamic business environment and specific needs.
  • No hidden costs – Straightforward pricing with no tie-ins allows for easy budgeting and eliminates high upfront costs
  • Gain a competitive edge – Your staff can work more flexibly, collaborate better, and customers reach you easily.
  • Enhanced safety and compliance – You’ll be at peace knowing your network is safe and your business compliant with current regulations

Get Managed Network Infrastructure in Four Simple Steps



to understand your hardware and technology needs



a secure and reliable network around users and your priorities



Cloud-based infrastructure and on-site hardware or hybrid solution



your networks, network services, devices (routers, switches)

Outsource your infrastructure and networks

And slash the costs of operating your IT and networks in-house, achieve consistency and manageability across your infrastructure and networks, and enjoy better ROI.