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Protect your IT infrastructure, defend your network perimeter, and filter out unauthorized access and malicious content.

IT and Cyber Security Threats Are Growing

Does your heart skip a bit whenever a suspected data breach makes the headlines? You seriously need to relook your IT and cyber security measures. Small firms and organizations like yours are prone to cyberattacks than larger ones because they lack the tools, resources, and money to effect the necessary security measures.

What’s even worse is cyber-attacks are becoming more common and complex. Sadly, it takes a serious security event for most SMEs to discover whether they have enough protection in place. After a breach, a damaged reputation and financial loss may be too great to bear, bringing down your business.

Remember hackers never rest. They’ll spend many days, even weeks, looking for flaws in your network, a tedious and painstaking process. But rest assured if they succeed, they’ll make money of your data. Don’t assume that the latest antivirus or firewall will keep your eternally safe. You need to review alerts and logs to establish incident patterns and ways to enhance your security measures and protocol.

Multi-layered Security for Your local Business

When you partner with an MSP like ICT Partners, you will enjoy protection from new and emerging threats.

Endpoint protection

Secure all your valuable business devices –desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices- across your networks with advanced endpoints solutions that are more powerful than traditional antivirus. Combining next-generation threat protection, our solution keeps your data, reputation, and systems secure from malware and cyberattacks 24/7.

DNS protection

Technically speaking, DNS protocols are not secure (by default) making them vulnerable to an array of threats such as DDOs attacks, botnets, DNS hijacking and other threats. Using a cloud-based DNS protection, we can help redirect web traffic to your devices and stop 88% of real and serious threats right at your network’s edge.

Network/ security assessments

 Find areas where your IT or network’s defenses are lacking plus the risks they pose. We regularly generate reports on the state of systems so you know what falls outside of safe parameters. You’ll also get solid recommendations to bolster your security controls plus timely fixes to vulnerabilities.

Trusted IT and Cybersecurity Experts At Your Service

We understand the internet and IT are critical resources for small business owners in Surrey. But what good is IT and networking infrastructure that’s prone to cyber-attacks? We can help you create a secure and compliant workplace. Here’s how:

  • Proactive approach: find and fix vulnerabilities in your systems and cyber networks before hackers do and secure unprotected data.
  • Enterprise-class solutions: enjoy the best-in-class cybersecurity practices, next-generation tools, and industry protocols to keep your business secure.
  • Advanced threat protection: stop malware, phishing, and ransomware and neutralize sophisticated attacks on your systems and network.
  • Stay compliant: Meet industry-wide security standards and compliance requirements governing fraud and breaches.

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