Email to Office 365 Migration Services in Surrey

Hassle-free migration that lets you experience the same office look and feel in your work space and all major browsers as well as devices.

Transform the way your small business in Surrey manages vital communications by migrating your hosted email from POP/IMAP to Office 365. All we require is access to your domain, hosting panel, and remote access to your PC.

When we get these, tell us the ideal time to migrate your emails. Our email migration service is fast. You won’t experience downtime, data loss, or disruption to users. After all, we want you to get back to work quickly and not miss important emails, meetings, presentations, and more.

email to office 365 migration

Fully Managed Email to Office 365 Migrations

We do all the work so you can focus on your routine business operations. Typical transfers take no more than a couple of hours. Once we move your emails, we’ll reconfigure your DNS records flow to Office 365 instead of your old email system. We will also reconfigure user devices to connect your new mail boxes in 365. You’ll never worry about your regular tools such as e-mail, domain names or software licences. We’ll set up everything to work properly and take of all these and more.

Our capabilities:

Exchange Server to Office 365

IMAP email migration to Office 365

Google mail migration to Office 365

Manual Email Migration to Office 365

DNS and user device configuration

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Office 365

Move your emails and resource to Office 365 and watch your productivity and collaboration grow plus much more…

Work from anywhere

Whether you work on the office or on the go, you get all the tools you need to remain productive. Access office apps, create and share documents from your PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows device, or Android smartphone.

Communicate better

Connect with your customers and staff better via a range of robust tools. From email and IM to video conferencing and social networking, you’ll always stay on the loop.

Flexible payment

Select a Cloud-based service and addons that you need in your workspace and pay per user or per service in a month. You get predictable costs meaning you can budget more confidently.

Easy to scale

Acquire more storage space, set up new users, and mix & match app to meet the growing needs of your business while letting your team work with the tools they love.

Enhance team work

Sync your efforts with the latest versions of Office, emails, and other apps. Staff can work within your premises or outside. They can chat, share content, share calendars, and set up video calls whenever they like.

Smart business tools

Get essential tools to run your business and manage customer relationships. Set up appointments, manage your customers, send invoices, and do more. You’ll always be on top of things.

Enterprise grade security

Set up users in a secure work space with multiple-factor authentication. Never worry about spam, phishing attacks, or unauthorized access to your devices and cloud-based emails.

Monthly updates

As long as your license is active, compatibility issues won’t arise. Everyone will have access to the latest versions of Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access in your workspace.

Migrate Your Emails to Office 365 in Four Steps


Initial meeting

to know what you want to migrate


Create a migration plan

for your emails and team resources


Set up users

and teams in your workplace


Move your emails

as well as docs, files, and contacts.

Looking To Migrate To Office 365 ?

We can help you plan your move, set up user accounts, migrate your business emails to Office 365 and reconfigure devices plus more!

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