Data Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Take active steps to protect your data and ensure key operations remain afloat.

While no business owner wants to think data loss could occur, sometimes the inevitable happens. A rogue employee corrupts or deletes critical data, natural disaster strikes, hard drives fail unexpectedly. Operations stall, your business comes to a grind, and your customers start leaving inflammatory reviews online. Data backup can help prevent complete data loss and system inaccessibility, ensuring your business bounces back and avoids the possibility of a shutdown.

Protect Your Reputation

Data loss can damage your reputation. And no amount of PR can assuage customers or reverse the damage. Once your reputation is in tatters, customers will want nothing to do with your business, and revenues will start drying up. Even if no one drags you to court for data loss, your business may never get back to its feet. So it pays to backup data.

Ensure Business Continuity

90% of SMEs that lose data (following a disaster) or access to core systems go out of business in two years! A preemptive data backup and disaster recovery plan can help you stay afloat. With ICT Partner’s, proactive data and effective backup and recovery services, your business can bounce back from any disaster quickly and get back to profitability.

Proactive Approach to Backup & Disaster Recovery

Hardware faults, human errors, and natural disasters can happen anytime. While you cannot predict or stop them, you can prepare for any eventuality by taking active measures. We have a proactive team that can help develop and implement a well-structured data backup and disaster recovery plan. You’ll enjoy the convenience and speed of on-site backup with the extra-security of off-site backup to secure vital business data. No matter what disaster strikes, rest assured your business will get you up and running in no time!

Timely Backups and Fast Recovery

You’ll never wait for hours to recover lost files or restore your business applications or make a bevy of calls to get help. With our ongoing backup services and fast data recovery, we’ll get your IT systems up and running within minutes. Fast restoration and data recovery means you’ll experience minimal disruptions to routine operations. Customers won’t even notice there’s a problem as downtime will be minimal.  Whether you want to restore files deleted accidentally or roll back entire applications after IT failure, we guarantee you reliable data backup and recovery services and 24/7 support.

Gain access to virtual desktops, applications, and files from anywhere via the internet. Flexible backup plans means you only pay for necessary backups.Don’t worry about data protection. We store data in resilient data centers that can match up the combined risks of IT failure, fire, floods, and vandalism.

The best part is IT support personnel actively monitor and provide extensive support 24/7.

ICT Partner’s capabilities include:

  • Basic tape services
  • Secure encryption of backup files
  • Data backup with unlimited restore points
  • Rapid data recovery
  • Full failover and cloud replication
  • Full server restoration

Start protecting your data

Not sure where to start? Talk to a data backup and recovery expert in Surrey. We can help you select a plan that matches your backup and disaster requirements perfectly.